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Swami Ramdev Credentials

Swami Ramdev MaharajThe U K House of Commons is now looking for Vedic fitness mantras and getting ready to welcome Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev.

It will take lessons in ancient Indian health care from the Swami, who is now moving to London after a very popular tour of the United States.

Swami Ramdev will hold a special yoga session at the House of Commons for Members and other prominent citizens on July 17, 2007.

In his scheduled 30-minute talk, the Swami would dwell on the scientific aspect of yoga and other traditional Indian Vedic knowledge.

Later, he will conduct a six-day yoga camp at Glasgow(Scotland) from July 19, which would be the largest yoga camp ever held in the UK.

This will be followed by two more such camps--one at London and one at Coventry.

Earlier, in the US, the Swami was honoured by the State of New Jersey '' for his remarkable history of steadfast commitment to improving health in the mind, body and spirit and enhancing the well being of people from all social backgrounds, races and religions.''

The Senate and the General Assembly of the state passed a resolution saying, 'this Legislature honours Swami Ramdev for his firm belief that good health is the birth right of all human beings, and extends best wishes for a successful yoga camp in the US'.

Besides New Jersey, Swami Ramdev held camps at Chicago and New York.


I am C J Furtado from Solapur Maharastra State INDIA. Christian but I respect all religions.

Swamiji you are doing a marvellous job serving mankind as mother Theresa did in Calcutta.

I am practising yoga /pranayama for the last three years after buying your DVDs and got cured of 20 yrs skin disease 6 yrs of bleeding piles,3 years of bleeding gums,digestion problems, swelling in limbs smoking &drinking all this problems were cured as a magic never experienced again only by yoga /pranayam,was fed up with all medications.Many thanks to you.I can say people must award you the man of the new century.

As my life long problems are cleared by yoga /pranayam I am happy and have a passion for yoga/pranayam.I have started teaching my friends & neighbours in UK for free as you tell to teach others ,many have positive results people tell to others and I advice them to by your VCDs/DVDs .I am on work visa for 2yrs more in UK before I leave UK I want to teach as many people possible here in my free time.

In UK many people are suffering form depression,hypertension,obesity,diabetes&skin conditions feel sorry for them .

Swamiji I need more knowledge, is there any way I can learn on line or by DVDs ,and do you have any certified courses.

Please recommended me the best way to learn more & teach people.

Please reply .

HATS OFF TO YOU, keep up the Gods work.

yours faithfully,
Sunderland ,new castle


The messages, you post, in the Yahoo Group , on Swami Ramdev Ji, are very relevent for those, who live far from their Mother Land, India.

Really, your team is doing a great job.

Keep it up.

- Sanjiv Raja, Non-Resident Indian, Living Abroad.

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