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Delivery Within India

Swami Ramdev MaharajPlease first try to pay online, using your International Credit Cards/ International Debit Cards/ PayPal Account etc., by completing the required process,
as shall be coming up online from the secured payment gateway of

If you are not able to pay online, then please send following details with your order to:

(Please "Copy & Paste" the following form in you Email browser & then fill it & send to: )

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* Email us at: (ONLY for Medicines, VCDs, DVDs, Magazines & Books only):

Please apply current exchange rate of Indian V/S U.S. dollar, while ordering, Check here.
For delivery within India, please first try to use the secured payment gateway of which are inclusive of Shipping & Handling for delivery to any place worldwide.

Please shun piracy & always buy only the "Original" Medicines, DVDs, Video CDs & the "Original" books with copyrights of respective owners, bearing the Hologram of Swami Ramdev, from us.

Swami Ramdev Ji's books on "Yoga" & "Pranayama", are available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali & Marathi.

His Set of 2 Video CDs entitled "Yog Science Part I & II" are available in English/ Hindi Editions separately, which please specify to avoid any confusion.

His DVD entitled "Yog Science" is in having two sound tracks in English & Hindi languages, selectable at your choice, while playing.

His disease specific special Video CDs are available in Hindi only. Certain titles of such VCDs are also available in English, as mentioned there against. For such VCDs please specify your language edition choice, to avoid any confusion.

Books & VCDs may be ordered in any combinations of language editions mentioned, above.

While ordering, specially the Books, please specify the language edition, if no language is mentioned, the Books in English Edition will be sent, as default.

Orders once paid cannot be changed or cancelled.