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Credentials Swami Ramdev Medicines

Amazing Results of Swami Ramdev Medicines Packages.

Hi Team, -
I just received your email and voice mail. I must say that WOW, its
wonderful customer service, I have never received such a prompt
response in life, I really appreciate that. I understand that it can
take more time in delivery, because of international package, but
please make sure to email the Tracking Id.
Thank you.
Jai Baba Ramdev Ji ki.
Pankaj Kumar
5xx Broadway
Apt 21xx
Malden, MA 02148
United States
USA Phone number - 781-492-27xx

namaste to all,
swami ramdev is a light house in the ocean for all of us .in modern times every one depends on allopathic treatment for all common or special dieases we know its side effects also but we use it even belive it.

baba ramdev adviced for ancient auervedic and yoga treatment which is not so expensive also.we can use it and experience it

From: S H


hi all,
I'm myself practising Swami ji's Yoga Pranayama regimen, since last 2 and a 
half years. It
saved my life. People have become habitual of pigeon hole treatment,
so they want quick relief with a tablet which is easily available at
any nook and corner of not only cities, now in rural ares also.

We have forgotten the treasure inherited from our ancient ayurveda.
Swami ji is doing his best to make people aware and wake them up when
life has become so complicated and stressful not only for elders but
for the children also. the pressure of life and competition is
increasing day by day.

To stay fit, we definitely need a wholistic
treatment. Moreover " Prevention is always better than cure".
We should salute him , his endeavours are against the conventional
system of cure and treatment.

shalini maral
Thank you very much once again for the important and valuable informations! 

It is in the last months that I fully recognized the spiritual wisdom of India, and as a chess player, I am proud that the new chess world champion is from India!

Bye and Atma Namaste!

Dr. Andreas Ullrich from Vienna, Austria, Europe


Swami Ramdev's Ayurvedic Medicines are very very effective for renal problem, diabetis etc.

Divya Mukta Vati

This is an excellent Herbal Ayurvedic Medecine. My husband's Blood Pressure was constantly on the higher side,by nature of his work which is highly stressful.
He satrted taking Mukta Vati religiously twice a day on empty stomach.We kept monitoring the BP twice a day.Slowly his BP started reducing and so also the required dose of Mukta Vati.
He is presently taking 1 tablet once a week!!And his BP continues to be normal.

Thanks to Swamiji.

-Pratibha Srikanth


My Pelvic Pain relieved in Just 5 days.

I do want to share some thing. I have been doing Pranayama only for last five days, and what a change? I am mentally more positive. The pain in the back is not there, at least right now, and the pelvic pain is reduced. The physical therapist ( this was my sixth trip to her) was quite positive and said that all the muscles feel relaxed and she feels that it was the Pranayama breathing techniques, which is working. 

I have been buying Swami Ramdev tapes from you & promptly delivered to me here in New York and feel this is going to be the beginning of a good thing, because many of my friends who are having problems with rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica and mental stress are interested in joining Pranayama. Will keep you informed.

My Chief Complaint was, Pain while urinating (pelvic region) and now lower back ache. (started about End of December, but was misdiagnbosed as Prostatitis, had antibiotics for almost 3 months until was told it could be due to pelvic muscle about a month ago)

Personal History is that I had no problems till now ( may have hurt myself while exercising or too much stress in life)

- Shailesh Naik, Harrison, 105**, New York, USA


Yoga Pranayam help me to move faster healthier and fresh looking………..
Control anger.

even if other get angry seems like they westing their energy

- Shah, Trushna 


Thank you for such a great work! I have chronic rheumatic arthritis for
26 years I tried all treatment and now I am on enbral,it is a new
injection for this pain.

One of my friend advise me to see your program on 
TV, since that day I exercising yoga I bought your VCD so that if I miss
that day I can do it later,I am much better in 5 months, injection and
medicine reduced 

meanwhile I send VCD for my family to USA, and I
advise everybody to do Yoga Pranayama.

Thank you for fabulous job you do 

- Nasrin Azimi


Hello Friends, 
can someone please post my following message as I can not post. 
Many thanks and Regards, 
Hitesh Patel, London, UK

Hi All,

What Babaji is doing is extremely wonderful work for the betterment 
of humanity. All our lazy so called Saints sit on this old knowledge 
of Yoga/Pranayam and never ever got up from their 'Gadi' and came 
out to teach Yoga. Babaji has done that and millions are benefiting 
from it (including me - I had very high BP/Diabetes and High Cholesterol 
which is now all gone and I am not taking any medicine now).

Babaji is blessing to humanity and I pray to the almighty to give 
him very long life so that he can serve to humanity.

Wish all readers healthy life.


Hitesh Patel, London, UK

My name is Anil Kumar Proagi. I am from MAURITIUS. 1 AM 60 YEARS OLD. I'm jyotish acharya and grand reiki master.

I watch Swami Ramdev Ji's programs daily on TV. I am proud to say that his Yoga Pranayama regimen VCDs & his medicines have benefited me a lot. 

I congratulate this Swami Ramdev for he has done medical miracle with his ANULOM/ VILLOM PRACTICE his all the Yoga Pranayama regimen.

To criticize it is easy. Try doing 1/100000th of what he is doing then you are allowed to criticize.

His Yoga Science camp course for 7 days was 500 pounds, in London, last July, which was, I feel very cheap for U K people. 

Do you know the charges for one day such courses by American or European GURUS? It is $1000.00 dollar per day.

Do you what it cost to follow 1 day internet courses? It is $2500.00 per day.

Do you know what it cost to go a massage in a spa? It is over 500 dollars for one session.

If you are poor why do you stay in UK. go to INDIA. You can stay there for 1 pound or even less per day. Most welcome to stay in India.

I charge $500 dollars for reiki master attainment and 10 dollars for astrology consultation.

Love and light to all of you.

Jyotish Acharya Shree Anil kumar Proagi.

Hello All,

First of all I thanks to Ramdev Babaji & all your team.

Now I am pregnant by taking the Divya Medicines for Infertility by Swami Ramdev with cow milk.

I am also doing Yoga Pranayama excise like Alunom Vilom & Kapalbhati to reduce my weight & help me out from my problem.


please advice me, now which Yoga Pranayama exercise I have to do . Give name of CD, waiting for your valuable reply.

Best regards,
Mrs. Meghna Shah, Rajkot, India

I started Swami Ram Dev's package for Fibroid Uterus (Garbhasayarbuda) 6 days ago and have experienced significant improvement during first 8 hours. 

My Lower abdominal pain too has decreased by 40%.

- Ms. Rani V. (LLB Hons.; Reiki I & II; hypnotherapy; Registered Nurse)
Client Director (Climate Change solutions)
Gravesend, Kent. DA11 7EF
United Kingdom


We used Swami Ramdev medicines and it's working great I been telling everyone I know. 

Yes, That is correct. One set of medicines is for my own house hold and other is for my aunt. Please ship these order as soon as possible. 

Thank you for being there. God bless.

Ruby Dhaliwal 
Customer Service Representative 
Brampton, Ontario 

(Business: (905) 450-7***


Divya Kesh Tail really helped me for my hair loss.

- satwant aujla
Monmouth Jct, NJ 08852
United States



My daughter had epilepsy for the past five years. The doctors kept increasing her dosage of allopathic medicines but we had no relief from her fits. In February 2006 I started Divya Medha Vati, the Aurvedic Medicine of Swami Ramdev and within 2 weeks we saw difference. 

From Nov. 30, 2006 my daughter has not taken any allopathic medicines and she has been fit free till date. 

I would strongly recommend this Divya Medha Vati for any one who suffers epilepsy.

- Nisha M, Chicago, US